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GET THE LOOK: Actress Dove Cameron In NY Promoting ‘Descendants 2’ Movie

GET THE LOOK: Actress Dove Cameron Shows Off Radiant Skin In New York To Promote ‘Descendants 2’ Movie

Makeup by Vincent Oquendo for DERMAFLASH

WHEN: July 16, 2017

WHERE: New York, NY

WHO: Makeup Artist Vincent Oquendo uses DERMAFLASH on Actress Dove Cameron

“Skin is so important and that’s why I am obsessed with the DERMAFLASH. The DERMAFLASH gives clients their best skin. There’s no such thing as mature skin versus young skin; you can have peach fuzz at any age. Skin is just skin! Fresh skin is always in and DERMAFLASH gets you there,” says Vincent. “The summer is when you put your best skin forward! During this warm weather, it allows the makeup to hug the skin tighter and extends the wear a little longer. Wearability is quintessential to my job especially when doing summer press.”


“Descendants 2 is a cult film and Dove’s makeup look is so key to her character. I’ve never had the pleasure of recreating [her character] Mal’s makeup, and it was such an honor to put my spin on this look! I had to put my signature on this very signature look. It was a little unnerving, but I wanted to make sure she still looked pretty and approachable for her fans.

First, I DERMAFLASHed her skin to give her the smoothest canvas possible and used the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask followed by Ex1 foundation, which plays nicely with freshly-flashed skin.

Then, I used Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer, to lightly cover any spots. The face is so much about a balance, and because the skin is so glowy and radiant, it’s important to use a drier consistency concealer. When you use too many emollient products, the skin will be too slippery and shiny.

Then I set everything with Tarte Invisible powder, which is micro-milled and matte and it feels like nothing. I applied it on Dove’s T-zone to keep the shine at bay. On her eyes, I used Sephora brand chubby pencils, which are waterproof. I am such a fan of waterproof eye makeup when doing press events.

I took the ‘Silver Glitter’ pencil in the inner corner, and lined it in the inner lash line, as well. I contoured Dove’s face with Kevyn Aucoin liquid contour wand in the ‘Light’ color and used a fluffy crease brush to blend to give a warm taupe color to the skin.

Then I enhanced her eyes with Kyliner in white and rimmed her whole eye, which was the perfect look for her character. Then I took the black Kyliner and drew the liner straight out and up, but didn’t line the eye all the way in – only halfway to give an anime-inspired look and to emphasize the outer corners of her eyes.

I cut a strip of demi wispy lashes by Ardell and layered House of Lash individual lashes all over the eye to create more depth. I used the longest length in the outer corner so the eyes would look super feathered. I finished her look with a generous coat of Chanel waterproof mascara on the top and bottom.

For Dove’s lips, I used Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’ lip liner and Burt’s Bees ‘Blush Basin’ lipstick for a moisture boost. I just love this lipstick, and real women use high/low products, so I do the same on my clients.”


Founded in 2015 by Dara Levy, DERMAFLASH represents a new paradigm in beauty. This first-in-class patented device was inspired by the in-spa facial treatment “dermaplaning” offered at the MedSpa Dara previously owned.  The device takes its inspiration from the majesty of the hummingbird; DERMAFLASH uses a subtle sonic vibration that mimics the flutter of the hummingbird’s wings and a proprietary Edge to simultaneously remove the oldest layer of dead skin cells and built-up debris while painlessly sweeping away unwanted vellus hair. This revolutionary device offers immediate results with no downtime. Smooth, radiant, camera ready skin is instantly revealed.  DERMAFLASH has quickly become the go-to tool for celebrities and their makeup artists because, like a magic wand, it allows skin care to do its job more effectively and creates a flawless canvas for makeup application.

Dara created DERMAFLASH to empower women to take all their beauty concerns into their own hands in the comfort of their own homes.  DERMAFLASH continues this goal and is committed to bringing to market a collection of unique, first-in-class, disruptive solutions that deliver previously unattainable results.

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