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bliss fabulips sugar lip scrub

*Gently exfoliates lips with sweet sugar, almond and walnut shell
*Natural oils, butters and vitamins nourish and condition
*Creates the perfect canvas for lip color

Hey, ‘smooth’ talker! You use scrubs and loofahs to buff your face and body to smooth perfection, but what about those lovely lips? Exfoliating them with our lip scrub removes dead, chapped skin for a beautifully smooth finish that can actually help your lipstick last longer. Featuring finely granulated sweet sugar, almond and walnut shell, the vanilla+orange-flavored formula gently exfoliates to buff away dry flakes while jojoba seed and olive oils, shea and cocoa butters and vitamins A, C and E nourish and condition. Read our lips it’s the simplest way to get a polished pout!

*Please note: this product contains walnut shell powder and is not recommended for individuals with nut allergies.

vitamins a, c, e: Antioxidants that nourish and cleanse.
jojoba oil: Extracted from the jojoba plant, this is anatural conditioner and moisturizer.
cocoa + shea butters: Natural complex fats with amazing moisturizing properties.
walnut shell powder: A natural exfoliant that buffs away dry skin.

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