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Treat Your Eyes with La Roche-Posay

One product that I have personally always found beneficial in every skin care regimen is the right eye cream. My biggest problem throughout my journey in skin care is finding one that didn’t irritate the skin around my eyes as my eyes are extremely sensitive. The one that I have been using for a few years now is LA ROCHE-POSAY Redermic C Eye Cream. This eye cream is formulated to moisturize and firm the area around the eye in turn reducing fine lines and wrinkles and the look of bags.

I started using this particular eye cream when I was 22 and I am now 27 with no crows feet or laugh lines visible. Even though I still have some under eye bags due to lack of sleep, the product enriched with vitamin C helps to reduce those giving me a more wide awake look to my whole face. It also did not leave a greasy residue or make my makeup look cakey. With the eye cream a little tiny bit really does go a long way. Use your ring fingers and lightly dab the product under and around your eyes, not getting it into your eye. I also use the remaining left on ring fingers and put it on my upper lip and around the areas of my mouth where we get “parenthesis” from smiling.

Redermic C Eye Cream

LA ROCHE-POSAY is known for their thermal spring water formula that is found in the town of La Roche, France. It is rich in antioxidants, such as mineral salts and trace elements that help fight off free radicals in the skin, showing the youthful looking skin underneath. Their team is lead by 8 dermatologist that manage different skin disorders therefore bringing you the best for your skin 100% of the time. Not only is this product formulated with vitamin C it also contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps plump the skin, Mannose traps in water which smooths the skin of wrinkles , Neurosensine which reduces the signs of the skin’s sensitivity.

As an esthetician I always say that eye creams are just as important as facial creams. Always apply your eye cream, in the direction of your eyebrows hair growth, first and allow to dry then apply your moisturizer in an upward motion. This product can be found in numerous places such as ULTA, Blue Mercury, and of course online at

Let your eyes be the window to your soul not your age

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